Special teaching events

Major field trips and thematic terrain seminars are offered once or twice a year as part of the Biogeo and Geosciences program.
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Grand excursion

The Grand excursion is the culmination (and for many participants, the graduation) of the Master of Geosciences program. It is aimed at students majoring in geology and mineralogy, but students majoring in geophysics may also participate. The field trip covers the geological and geodynamic evolution of a large region. In the field, formation processes and formation conditions of rocks, deposits and mountains are worked out together at representative outcrops and the observations are discussed with regard to plate tectonic and paleogeographic models.

Geophysical excursions

During the two-day geophysical excursion, geophysically relevant (research) institutions in Germany or Central Europe are visited, which provide an insight into professional practice. The Geophysical Excursion is part of a module in the specialization Geophysics. However, interested students are welcome to join.

We visited the following institutions in the last years:

2017   Black Forest Observatory (BFO) and ESA Darmstadt.
2016   PTB Braunschweig and Konrad Shaft
2015   Geothermie Neustadt Glewe and Geomar Kiel
2014   Observatory Fürstenfeldbruck and Observatory Wettzell
2013   Black Forest Observatory (BFO) and Geothermie Soultz/Alsace
2012   Drop tower in Bremen and research vessel Polarstern

Geophysical field exercises for advanced students

During the advanced geophysical field exercise, students develop and plan a measurement campaign on a geophysical problem in a limited area and then carry it out themselves. As a rule, several measurement methods are used. An initial evaluation of the recorded measurement data takes place on site, a more detailed evaluation and interpretation of the measurement data takes place after the field exercise.

Image: IGW