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The professorship for Applied Geology offers lectures in the study paths B.Sc and M.Sc. Geosciences, B.Sc. and M.Sc. Biogeosciences, BA supplementary courses in Geology as well as supplementary lectures in other fields of study, e.g. B.Sc. and M.Sc. Geography, B.Sc. Material Sciences, M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry.

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences, EAH, lectures of the B.Sc. program Geosciences/Biogeosciences are offerd also for students of EAH and vice versa, see under the menu item "Studying at the EAHExternal link". In addition, the Applied Geology provides courses on the new cooperative Master programme in Environmental and Georesource Management (UGM) de with the EAH Jena.

In addition, teaching is provided for various programs (e.B.g. AquaDivaExternal link, HIGRADEExternal link, International Max Planck Research School for Global Biogeochemical CyclesExternal link, Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMCExternal link)) of structured doctoral training at Friedrich Schiller University.

Lectures comprise the domains of geology of raw materials (energy resources, industrial rocks and minerals, metals, well site geology, including environmental impacts of raw material exploitation), hydrogeology (pumping test, hydrochemistry, isotopes in hydrochemistry, water analytics, prospection for groundwater), engineering geology, remote sensing and GIS, Bio-Geo-Interactions and rock-water-interactions.

In practical courses the knowledge is applicated to real problems in geosciences, e.g., well log interpretation, evaluation of pumping tests, lab analysis of rock mechanics, water sampling and analysis. In field courses aspects of professional experience are highlighted by visits of producing enterprises, open mines, potable water suppliers, waste disposals, labs, specific mapping and internships.

Most important is an integrating approach for the biogeoscientific field course, where a local geoscientific situation is investigated using ca. five field and lab methods. In groups of only a few students, advised by a lecturer, measuring, documentation, interpretation, discussion and presentation of results as well as logistical planning of future field work are trained. This experience is especially valuable for the field work during a master thesis.

On the one hand, our aim is the mediation of experience for the future job, be it in an engineering office, a mining company, potable water producing enterprise, monitoring companies, remediation activities of abandoned waste dumps, in environmental departments of municipal, federal and national administration, as well as in scientific institutions. On the other hand, the personal evolution shall form a reliable base for a future PhD study, in geosciences or biogeosciences.

Lecture program

An overview on lectures of the Applied Geology Department, partly in cooperation with other working groups, is given in the following tables.

In addition, the Applied Geology supports lectures of other departments as well, e.g. Introduction to Geosciences, Instrumental Analytics. Furthermore, the Applied Geology provides courses on the cooperative Master programme in Environmental and Georesource Management (UGM) with the University of Applied Sciences Jena (EAH).

More detailed information is given under de for Geociences, de for Biogeosciences, de for UGM and under friedolin.uni-jena.deExternal link.

Lecture program in winter semester

Winter semester Summer semester

Bio-Geo-Interactions I Part 1

Introduction to Applied Geology

Well Site Geology and Ground Water Prospecting

Exogeneous Geology: Geological Mapping

Soft Sediments

Bio-Geo-Interactions I Part 2

Introduction to Engineering Geology

Bio-Geo-Interactions II

Introduction to Remote Sensing/GIS

Geoscientific Project

Methods of Hydrogeochemistry

Biogeoscientific Project

Isotopes in Hydrogeology

Bachelor Thesis Geosciences

Geological Project I+II

Bachelor Thesis Biogeosciences

Biogeoscientific Project I+II

Geology of Raw Materials


Advanced Field Course Applied Geology


Biogeoscientific Field Course


Master Thesis Geology


Master Thesis Biogeosciences

  Radio- and Chemotoxic Elements in the Environment

Environmental Analytics for Chemists I


Field trip Earth History for Geographers


Study at the EAH-Jena

Environmental engineering subproject

As part of the teaching cooperation between the Institute of Geosciences at Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Ernst Abbe University Jena (EAH), selected modules from both universities will be opened to students from the other university.
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Qualification works

Feel free to contact us about topics for possible theses.

On these pages you will find an overview of the main research areas and current projects.