Saure Grubenwässer (Acid Mine Drainage "AMD") - Ein komplexes Umweltproblem

Neue Publikation zu maschinellem Lernen bei der Prognose von AMD

Saure Grubenwässer (Acid Mine Drainage, AMD) sind ein ernstes globales Umweltproblem. Die Prognose zukünftiger AMD's sind deshalb von großer Wichtigkeit. In einer neuen Publikation unter Beteiligung von Prof. Majzlan wird ein neuer Ansatz aus dem Bereich des maschinellen Lernens vorgestellt.
Saure Grubenwässer (Acid Mine Drainage "AMD") - Ein komplexes Umweltproblem
Foto: Prof. Juraj Majzlan

Machine learning-based prediction of toxic metals concentration in an acid mine drainage environment, northern Tunisia

Acid mine drainage (AMD) is a serious global environmental problem, mostly related to past or current mining activities. There are different ways of addressing the problem, spanning a wide range of field and experimental work. Another way of dealing with AMD is the development of predictive tools which will warn in advance which types of wastes and which areas are particularly prone to the AMD in the future. In a new publication, Trifi et al. present such as tool, based on machine learning. Even though only a pilot study, it suggests that the computational approaches may be a valuable addition to toolbox available to the geochemist dealing with AMD.

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