Hobbysteinbruch Solnhofen

Complementary subject geology

(with Bachelor of Arts degree)
Hobbysteinbruch Solnhofen
Image: IGW

Complementary subject Geology (with Bachelor of Arts degree)
The Bachelor's supplementary subject Geology with a total of 60 credit points can be studied as part of a cross-faculty Bachelor's program (leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree). It can be taken in combination with a social science or humanities core subject of 120 credit points. It is recommended as an elective option for students who wish to pursue careers in science journalism, publishing, natural science and natural history museums, and government and environmental institutions.

Students gain an overview of relevant disciplines in the geosciences, especially geology. They acquire necessary basic knowledge to be able to establish links between geoscientific and philosophical and socio-political issues. With a rather unusual combination of subjects, they qualify for special niche positions.

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