Doctoral study is a stimulating and intensive activity in which young researchers are trained to make significant, new, and independently developed research contributions to their chosen field. This is done through guidance and supervision by their major advisor and doctoral committee, but at the same time is a highly individualistic activity.

Doctoral students are members of the Graduate AcademyExternal link, which offers a wide range of advisory, activity and interdisciplinary qualification programs.

Most doctoral students of the IGW are employed by the university on a half or two-thirds position as research assistants at the chair. The appointment is typically for three years; it may be longer if there is a teaching obligation associated with the appointment. The latter is advantageous to gain experience in case you aspire to a university career or similar.

Admission requirements are a good or very good MSc degree (or equivalent) in the geosciences or a related field. Nearly all PhD positions are advertised on the web and are awarded competitively.

The faculty welcomes your application!

More details are provided in the doctoral regulationsExternal link.