Quality assurance

For Optical emission spectrometry inductively coupled optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES)

Quality assurance

Calibration is carried out using multi element standrad solutions

  Element Calibration range in mg/l
    from to
Calibration sequence 1 Na 0,2 1000
K, Mg, Ca 0,2 500
Al 0,2 200
P 0,2 60
Fe, Mn 0,05 60
Si, Be, Ag, B, Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Li, Ni, Pb, Sr, Tl, Zn 0,05 10
Calibration sequence 2 As, Mo, Se, Sb, Sn, Ti, U, V, W, Zr 0,1 20
S 1 500

Details about the standards used may be found herepdf, 48 kb · de

Accuracy of the measurements is verified using a multi element standard solution (Bernd Kraft order number 02426.2000):

17 elements in about 1 mol/l nitric acid 

  • 500 mg/L: Ca, K, Mg, Na
  • 50 mg/L: Al, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, V, Zn
  • 10 mg/L: B, Mo

Samples are diluted according to their matrix or their electrical conductivity for water samples, respectively, as follows.


Matrix max. Total Dissolved Solids in g/L
Water 1,5
Total digestions 1,0 in max. 5% acid
Aqua regia/
Nitric acid digestions
2,0 in max. 5% acid
Extractions 10


All samples are prepared to contain at least 1% nitric acid. Three replicate measurements are carried out per sample. An outlier test according to Grubbs (significance 90%) is performed and mean and absolute standard deviation are reported.

Detection limits are calculated according to the 3 sigma criterium taking dilution into account.