Specialization Microbiology

For a designation on the master's certificate, at least 15 LP from the elective area of this specialization must be completed:

1. Academic Year
MBGW 1.4.1 Applied microbiology / biotechnology 6 LP
MBGW 1.4.6 Soil Microbiology 6 LP
MBGW 2.2.3 Molecular Microbial Ecology 5 LP
MBGW Kontext One additional compulsory elective module from the range of courses offered in the Master's program in Microbiology after prior consultation with the student's advisor. 6 LP
MEES029 Microbial ecology 5LP
  Summary ≥ 15 LP


2. Academic Year WS
MBGW 3.1 oder
MBGW 3.2
Biogeoscience project module 15 LP
  Summary 15 LP


2. Academic Year SS
MBGW 4.1 Master thesis 30 LP
  Summary 30 LP